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Welcome to the New Home of Marc's Golf.  We are currently under construction but we want to get you pointed to our new location as soon as we could! Bear with us as we add all the goodies you deserve to the site - from online shopping, news, a killer blog, and all the premium components and technology you could want. In the meantime, come see the new shop and say hi!


Passion for the game is our whole story

Since 1995, MGS has done more than refine the club fitting process: We've turned it into an art form. Guided by the desire and commitment to provide only the best fitting services and bespoke clubs for every true fan of the game. Wether you're a touring pro or a weekend warrior, we mesh top components from around the world to create the best clubs to fit your game. By taking top shelf components from companies like Miura and Epon, then joining them with the best shaft manufacturers like Fujikura, UST Mamiya, True Temper, KBS, and Nippon we create clubs you just can't get off the rack.

Top Quality

We offer only the top quality components available from manufacturers around the world. Looking for that set that will make your playing partners green with envy? Our mission is to provide you with boutique brands and the performance that only comes from custom fitting of world class quality.


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Mastering the game of golf requires a lot of fine-tuning. That's why we're here.

At MGS, we believe golf fitting is a critical step towards improvement. We offer custom golf club fitting services in all areas of your game.

It's time to step up! Make sure your golf equipment matches your swing. We are here and ready to assist you. Discover the variety of fitting services we provide, from golf driver to golf ball fittings. 

MGS Fitting Services Include

  • Driver Fitting
    Longer, straighter drives. Realize your potential off the tee.
  • Putter Fitting
    It's a five-step process to lower your handicap.
  • Hybrid / Irons Gap Analysis
    You only get 14 clubs. Put the right ones in your bag.
  • Shaft Fitting / Analysis
    Shafts do so much more than connect grips and clubheads.
  • Ball Fitting
    A right golf ball can lower your score.
  • Iron Fitting
    Your swing is unique. Irons that fit your swing get better results.
  • Wedge Gap Analysis
    No more choke downs or half swings from 85 yards.
  • Grip Fitting / Analysis
    A consistent swing starts with your hands!